Reporting Forms

Universal Holder Face Sheet (UFS-1) - Required with every report (Notice, Remit, Supplemental, Negative)

Hoja Universal de Datos del Tenedor (UFS-1) – En Español – Debe completarse y enviarse junto con todos los informes

Video: Tutorial for Holders of Unclaimed Property

Securities Summary (SS-1) - Required when remitting securities

Safe Deposit Box Inventory Form (SDU-090103A) - Used by financial institutions for each safe deposit box owner

Safe Deposit Box Detail Sheet (SDU-090103B) - Used by financial institutions to detail contents of safe deposit box

Estates of Deceased Persons – Report of Cash and Personal Property Absent Heirs or Claimants (UPD-221 Form) – Required when remitting estate fund


Remittance Forms for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT-1) - Establish or change electronic funds transfer account

Registration for Remittance by Fedwire (EFT-3) - Establish or change Fedwire account


Holder Forms

Holder Reporting Extension Request - Used to request extension of time to submit an unclaimed property report

Holder’s Claim for Reimbursement and Instructions (HCR-1) - .pdf file - Used by holders who are requesting a reimbursement

HCR-1 Spreadsheet - .xls file - Used by holders to list multiple properties to be reimbursed

Unclaimed Property Informal Audit Review - Conference Request - Used by holders requesting an informal conference from SCO’s Legal Office