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Payment Processing For Investigators

How do you process payment?

For each claim package where a Standard Investigator Agreement specifically assigns an Investigator a percentage (a fee no greater than ten percent (10%) of the abandoned property value returned to the owner) we will mail two warrants (state check) per the agreed upon amount noted in the Standard Investigator Agreement. One warrant, is made payable to and is mailed directly to the claimant. The other warrant is made payable to and is mailed directly to the investigator. In instances where the Standard Investigator Agreement does not assign a specific percentage to the investigator, a warrant (state check) for one hundred percent (100%) of the amount is made payable to the claimant. The warrant is mailed to the address noted by the claimant on the Claim Affirmation Form. We will mail a letter to the claimant and the Investigator advising that full payment of the claim to the claimant does not relieve the claimant of any contractual obligation or agreement that they may have with the Investigator.

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Can you electronically deposit my client's and/or my funds into a current bank account?

No. The State Controller's Office cannot transfer funds to your current bank account. Warrants (state checks) are mailed to the addresses provided.

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Why does it take longer to receive payment on securities claims?

Additional time is required for the payment of claims that involve securities because we must research the corporate activity (such as corporate mergers, acquisitions, stock splits, or dividends) that may affect the value of the security. Please allow us an additional 120 days to one year to complete this research.

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